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The Ann Arbor Farmers Market is a popular weekly tradition in Kerrytown, and here you can shop in the heart of the city to buy a variety of household items commonly known as "Black Friday." Marketers hold an annual event where visitors can buy prepared food from a variety of Michigan food trucks while listening to live music. This classic American steakhouse has been in business in Ann Arbor since the 1950s, hosting events such as the annual Black Friday Market.

You may be surprised to know that the original owner was a Catholic woman who liked to read tea leaves to her customers at her son's restaurant. This store in downtown Ferndale has a wide selection of occult items such as candles, incense and even occult objects. This Etsy store is run by a woman with a penchant for pouring soy candles to create your favourite fragrances.

In this Main Street store, you can buy everything you need to show your pride in Michigan. This studio also sells a lot of fun Michigan-themed items and their magnets are made in Grand Rapids.

Outdoor enthusiasts can find casual clothing and gear at Moosejaw Mountaineering in Michigan and their outdoor equipment store. This includes everything from hiking equipment to camping equipment, hiking boots to ski and snowboard equipment.

If you don't visit their two Ann Arbor locations, shop online for coffee, tea and merchandise or visit us in person. You can shop online here, or if you shop online, click here for a list of their stores in Michigan and the rest of the US and Canada. Stop for your coffee or tea or buy your goods at their store in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but you can also shop at their store in Detroit, Lansing, Grand Haven, Kalamazoo, Flint, Detroit and Detroit - in person or online.

We have brought together local businesses, artists and creators to create a shopping list for anyone who needs a little of Southeast Michigan. To learn more about the company, visit its website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest page.

The Ann Arbor area is known for its artistic passion, and many stores offer a limited selection of party goods. From Party City in Ann Arbor, this party offerings specialize in party supplies, but local stores have the supplies you need.

If you forgot to pack your hiking boots, Fourth Ave's Birkenstock lets you slip on ergonomically designed leather shoes, while Ann Arbor Running Company focuses on helping customers find the perfect pair of sports shoes. Three Chairs & Co., which carries Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams furniture, is at Ashley's, as is the homewares department, which offers a wide selection of furniture and accessories as well as home decoration items.

At Liberty, the West Side Book Shop is full of used fiction, but you can also buy a lot of the inventory online. Located in the city centre, 117 Gallery is a retail store that houses a wide range of works by emerging and established artists, as well as local and national artists. They sell everything from paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints and prints to prints and books. Both locations are located in the Ann Arbor neighborhood of Kerrytown, with a second location on Liberty Street in the East End of the city.

Zingerman's Deli offers a range of exotic food from around the world and this is the perfect place to find everything from fermented sauerkraut to a wide selection of cheeses and pastries. Expect to find plenty of Michigan - made-to-order - on your adventure to this special place in Kerrytown. North of Detroit, St. Catching Fireflies delights with colorful and quirky gifts.

If you're craving a delicious drink at this time of year, Ann Arbor is your winter destination. We've put together seven really unique places to get coffee and tea and enjoy it in a scholastic themed setting. Do you need insulated snow shoes for the winter months or snow pants for the winter? Note on winter clothing: For the next trip to the store you will need a winter coat, a winter hat, snow gloves and insulating snow shoes.

Prices are not fixed in the United States, and stores in Ann Arbor can charge different prices for the same items. This is the store that was built by the Wolverines and has been transformed over time into a gift shop selling items made by artists from around the world, including Michigan. In this producer - only market you will find everything from clothing and accessories to jewelry, art, food, clothing and more. The sellers include artists, musicians, designers, photographers, writers, artists and artists of all ages. Named after and inspired by one of Michigan's most famous sports teams, the Michigan Wolverine Football Team.

Kroger, CVS, RiteAid and other stores offer product discounts that can be up to 50% off their regular prices. This Ann Arbor organization has compiled a "Show Love" guide that encourages shoppers to support small businesses in Ann Arbor by providing a list of places that are open during the season. The location shown above is on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Michigan Street in the city center.

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