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In the 17th season of Ann Arbor Concerts, Dr. James Nissen will serve as conductor and music director of the concert at the University of Michigan School of Music on Saturday, April 22, 2017.

He began his teaching career in 1988 at Ypsilanti High School, where he spent fourteen years before moving to Ann Arbor. He attended the University of Michigan School of Music, where he received his bachelor and master's degrees in organ playing, studied with Dr. Marilyn Mason, and taught at George Washington University and the University of Michigan. He is currently music director of the Ann Arbor Society for the Musical Arts, which hosts the Wednesday morning concert series featuring talented regional artists, and co-founder and board member of the Performing Arts Center.

For more information about this year's series, click here, and the free open-air concert will take place on Wednesday, July 26 at 7: 30 p.m. at the Ann Arbor Performing Arts Center.

The concert will be presented by the Ann Arbor Performing Arts Center and the University of Michigan Department of Music, Music and Arts.

Local and guest singers and students dedicate themselves to the art of song, singing and chamber music in concerts, recitals and lectures. A choir of 175 voices will perform, including Handel's "The Messiah" on December 1, and a professional chamber orchestra will also perform at the Ann Arbor Performing Arts Center on January 6.

The Ann Arbor Concert Band performs several compositions, including a "Flash Mob" and a concert for trumpet. The ensemble premiered several new works for concert band, including the award-winning composition "Lost and Lost" from the Fall 2014 concert series and a new work by the youngest band member, the "Concerto in C major."

The University of Michigan offers a traditional academic offering - for music students who want to complete their academic education. We also took into account how the U-Michigan is, and would be, students and faculty at other universities compared to other colleges that offer, and would be, a music major.

Although it may have the feel of Greenwich Village, the elements of a2 Distillates come together to sing about Ann Arbor, Michigan. Many of the musicians have embraced the fact that they are based in Ypsi and call themselves "Ann Arbor's own version of New York City," but with a bit of Michigan in the background. With a mix of hip-hop, jazz, blues and rock'n "roll in one, it's the perfect place to let yourself be infused with all of that.

The Pioneer Music Department was the first program to receive two GRAMMY Foundation awards, making it one of the most prestigious music programs in the world. Today, the band acts much like the Pioneer Music Department at the University of Michigan.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor awarded 89 bachelor's degrees in music and 107 music degrees at U-Michigan.

A typical music student working toward his master's degree borrowed $37,000 in student loans from the University of Michigan. The average cost of tuition and fees for music students who graduated from college was $21,700. Music students borrowed an average of $2,500 in tuition, fees and other expenses to complete a bachelor's degree, or $1,200 a month, according to the Michigan Department of Education. A typical student loan payment for a music student in the 2018-2019 academic year was about $192 a month, and the average annual cost for a music student to receive his or her bachelor of music is $20,800.

Because U-M School of Music is a state university, tuition does not vary from state to state, according to the Michigan Department of Education's website.

The Ann Arbor Concert Band is led by a nine-member board of directors. How can I help? "is open to all and offers a wide range of information about the band and what you can learn and learn about it.

Mr. Leach studied and attended the Wind Conducting Symposium with John L. Whitwell and studied conducting at the University of Michigan under Dr. John D. Schulman. He has been included in the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, U-M Concert Band and Michigan Orchestra.

Glen Thomas was assistant conductor of the University of Michigan Chamber Choir. He has conducted with the U-M Symphony Orchestra, the Michigan Orchestra and the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra and was nominated for a Grammy - a recording of the first concert of the John D. Schulman Symphonic Orchestra.

Vulpeck has moved to the Los Angeles area, and I think the lack of a music hall of their own has led the Ypsi band to perform elsewhere in Ann Arbor and Detroit, as it is impossible for them to feed themselves by performing at YPSi alone. Music lovers can do this by visiting indie record stores and attending annual music events - centred events. The Ann Ann - Arbor Concert Band promotes young brass and percussion musicians and the homecoming in Michigan

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