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Where to start with Ann Arbor? Well, approximately 32% of the population are college students. And, in the early 1970s there were some killer Jazz, Blues, and Heritage Festivals. Then, backtrack in history to 1960 and think of JFK announcing his Peace Corps proposal here. Leftist, student politics saw the establishment of the SDS at the time, too. Need we go on? This has been an interesting place.

In the town’s early days in the early 1800s, it lost out in its bid to become the state capitol. But, the state of Michigan put the state university there and both Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan lived up to their potential together.

More recently and commercially, Ann Arbor has become the home base of Borders Books and Domino’s Pizza, selling books and slices to the masses. And, remember, for every Ken Burns who came from here, so did a Kenny G. For every Sanjay Gupta who was educated here, there was an Ann Coulter. Like it or not, that suggests a broad spectrum of influence.

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